by Caciques Hailey and Nathan Today was a Tuesday, but this Tuesday was different from most Tuesdays, the reason being was because William Trubridge, the world record free diver had chosen The Island School as his next destination on his tour of The Bahamas. As the runners enjoyed a typical long morning run, the swimmers went with Mr. Trubridge to Cathedral rock where they learned to free dive, as run track had done the day before. After a good breakfast, which consisted of hash and grits, the students divided up and headed to either Human Ecology or Art class to set up for the Art show, which was happening in the Boys Dorm Common Room. After this three-hour block it was time for lunch. We then split up and reversed what we had before; students went to Human Ecology and Art. Since we had not got as far as we hoped during our three-hour block so we had to use our exploration time finishing the art room for Parents Weekend. Then we headed to dinner. After dinner, we had full study hours where it was hard to accomplish any tasks because the server was down and because Parents Weekend was so close. All in all the students are extremely excited to see their parents tomorrow and can hardly wait.