by Caciques Elizabeth and Alec We slept in this morning and then had our circle at eight so that all of the swim track would be well rested for the Super Swim, and the run track would be ready to support. Swimmers ate an energizing breakfast and finished some organization before their event while all the runners made some last minute preparations before they headed off on boat and shore to cheer on the swimmers.  Three! Two! One! The air-horn blew at around 9:15 signaling the start of the four-mile Super Swim.  Swimmers splashed past sunset beach with determination and enthusiasm.  Runners cheered along the shore while boat support dove in the water to capture action footage of the swimmers.

The first place finisher, Math teacher Dave Burnham, completed the swim in 1 hour and 33 minutes. Then, the first place student, Caroline “RO” Vanacore, finished strong with a time of 1 hour and 37 minutes. The community came together to support the swim. Once all the swimmers were safely onshore, we headed back for campus for a recovery day.  It was a successful day which ended with a mellow activity to help run track get ready for their half marathon! Congratulations swimmers!