by Caciques JP Ferro and Mia Thomas With our Human Ecology presentations taking place today, every student took part in a group whose purpose was to change issues around Eleuthera. JP  and his group members (Jack, James, True, and Nathan) took part in a Lionfish project called, “Licensed to Lionfish”. Lionfish are invasive species that are taking over the Atlantic; they originate from the Indo-Pacific and they have no predators in the Atlantic. In this project, the group started creating a market for lionfish by connecting local fisherman with restaurants in order to help control lionfish

populations on the coral reefs.  Mia worked with Hannah and Haley learning about nutrition and making a visual calendar of the local fruits found here on Eleuthera, which is now painted as a mural on the Dining Hall wall.   We looked at how students have the capability to make choices about their nutrition here at The Island School, and how they can bring these choices and changes home.  The major factors that are affecting our nutrition are sun exposure, amount of sleep, consumption of water, and amount of exercise.