by Caciques Aldis and Eliza [slideshow]

Friday nights often see our community dressing in their best for dinner to celebrate the coming weekend. Yesterday was no exception, yet on June 3rd Dorm Mom and Dad decided to draw on our children’s extensive creativity. Each state or country chose a theme that they were drawn to: Michigander Lax Bros, Massachusetts Mariners, Jersey Shore “guidos,” Mainers came out of The Wild, Fairfield County Connecticut preps, North and South Carolina “hicks,” Texas cowboys, West coast hipsters, and Florida sweats. While we would love to describe the costumes in detail, we feel that the pictures speak for themselves. Please enjoy them… P.S. Yesterday Aldis Gamble celebrated his 17th birthday and was cacique with the utmost grace.  As an advisory (V-Squad) Aldis, Caroline V., Austin and I (Eliza) celebrated by eating a ridiculous amount of cake and reminiscing about our memories of Aldis.  Happy Birthday Dorm Dad!