The day had come.  Either by choice, or because we were forced to: every student packed one of the large duffels that they came with.  These bags would be sent ahead of our flights on Wednesday, so as to not over-weight the planes we depart on.  In just two days we will meet our bags back home.  T-shirts were exchanged, tears were shed, and at some point in time people came to the realization that we only have 2 days left. With our material items cut in half, we were set free once again at1:15after our last Sunday brunch. During our last exploration time, some visited the places that had become sacred to them, and some went for a snorkel at sunset beach. A few went for their last bike ride in the inner loop, and a few said goodbyes to the places that remind them of home—the Marina Store and the Coffee Shop. After a delicious turkey dinner, we settled down into our last study hours and ironed out our Demonstrations of Learning. The DOL is a 20 minute presentation given by each student to their advisory group and additional audience members about what they took from the Island School experience. The assignment is very open ended, but aims to wrap around the four main pillars of the School: leadership, community, sustainability, and sense of place. This preparation was filled with nerves and occasional frustration, but also celebration as we look back on all that we have done here.