Sipping a cold lemonade at the docks by the Marina Store, we gaze out at the never-ending sea, reflecting upon the events of the day: Well rested from the hour long sleep-in, we felt replenished and ready to conquer the challenge that laid ahead of us as we rolled out of bed. The sound of the Bahamian National Anthem resounded off the dorms around campus, the team morale was at an all-time high. Shortly after breakfast, we rushed towards the boathouse, preparing the boats for our departure. Once all the gear was on each boat, the groups split off, heading in their own direction for the day.

It was our second day of scuba. Everyone was looking forward to furthering the process of our certification. We reached our destinations, strapped on the unwieldy gear, and proceeded to splash into the deep blue water. As we plunged down deeper and deeper, the vivid colors of the coral reefs became much more apparent. Fish glistened in the sun as they darted behind rocks and spongy plants, and the seaweed swayed in the gentle current. Our fins propelled us forward as we explored the reef and its inhabitants. Besides the bubbles grazing our cheeks, pure silence engulfed us. We felt at ease, all the worries of our Human Ecology Homework forgotten, as we glided through the bright blue ocean.

Later, after our underwater expeditions, we hopped on our bikes and pedaled furiously to the Marina Store. After a leisurely stroll down by the pier, a few of us purchased ice-cold refreshments, a perfect end to a perfect day.

Now, standing here, looking out at the horizon, we can’t help but notice the shimmering water that we dove into earlier today. We realize we have taken a giant step up the stairs that is our journey at the Island School; we have come that much closer to certification.