The following cacique update was written by Miya and Henry as they reflected on their experience on the 3 day kayak/ solo trip. This week, the Island School campus (and blogosphere) is quiet as Summer Term is off on expedition.  Miya and Henry dropped off this post in between trips. The silvery light dances along the water, gracing the gentle waves with its ethereal beams of lights. The sky around the almost perfectly round moon radiates a soft white glow. The wind gently whispers through the trees, accompanied by the calming chirping of more insects than I could count in a lifetime. Our solos varied greatly, some capturing a magical day that can never be forgotten, some a demanding challenge, and all of the places between. The past three days marks a number of firsts for me. I have never been away from people for an entire day. I have never slept away from my bed as long as our three-day kayak and solo trip.

Our escapade began with a lengthy kayak journey against the winds and currents to Red Bay with a brief stop at Broad creek for lunch - a preferential place for me, as it is one of our research sites for the Flats team. After arriving, we set up camp and cooked some delicious homemade pizzas, with Bazl’s onion, peppers, and cheese mountain of goodness taking home the first place prize in my humble opinion. The next day went by in a blur for me – the legendary solos. Twenty-four hours of time to put our tarps, food, sleeping bags, dromedaries, bug nets, and minds to good use. John Schatz collected us in the morning, bleary eyed and slightly mosquito bitten in some cases, and led a brief circle of reflection on our respective days. The remainder of our day involved a much easier and briefer paddle with the wind back past school (and a blue hole) to the picturesque white sand and turquoise water of the sandbars just offshore of campus, where we enjoyed a well earned lunch of PB&J Tacos. After a short trip back to school and a frenzy of unpacking, cleaning the boats, and showering, we reunited with the other half of the class that had returned from their Down Island Road Trip, which we leave for tomorrow morning.