The following update was written by Courtney and Molly for Thursday, July 21st.  We began our day by seeing how far we’ve come athletically since the beginning of the program. We all ran our hardest to high rock. Everyone was able to run the whole two miles there, which was a huge improvement from the first time. At high rock, many of us enjoyed an exciting jump into the cool water below. After a filling breakfast of delicious golden-brown French toast we broke of into our human ecology groups to continue working on our respective projects. Some groups went into the settlements to discover some local bakeries and shops. Other groups stayed on campus and did a variety of things including building furniture. Lunch was amazing cheese and bean quesadillas, a surprising treat. During research time we got to know the south Eleutheran kids camps better by teaching them about our respective research projects. The shark group even hilariously acted out a tag and capture of a juvenile lemon shark! The community all came back together at dinner circle, where we even met some new members from Earthwatch.