Editor's note:  Please enjoy this vintage blog post!  It was lost in the depths of the server. The following is a Cacique update written by Joe and Sam for Wednesday, July 20th. 

“Butter is good on a roll, but alone it is not,” as a studious, fellow Island School student once told me, was the quote we chose today. Although the saying at first may not seem as serious as it sounds, the meaning stretched much deeper to us, especially today. Bright and early around 6 A.M., many of us took an optional dive opportunity to check out the stunning Hole in the Wall reef about 60 feet down. We were able to see the distinct “drop-off”, which was breathtaking, as we toured the reef. After we got back in the morning, we split as some of us began the physical work behind our human ecology projects, while others worked with the South Eleuthera Kids Camp on plant identification walk around the old resort. The quote specially made sense to the students working with the campers because as a summer term community we work well, but we need the other members of the community as far as they stretch to the campers, interns, kitchen staff, etc… to make this experience great. We switched in the afternoon as the other sides got to experience this unity as well. As our semester begins to wind down with parent’s weekend approaching, I think we are beginning to finally see, as Peter told us in the beginning of these five weeks, the bigger picture of things and how all of the systems in our community combine complexly to form something so amazing, yet so simple. We continue to work on our human ecology projects, each with a set goal of leaving a legacy on this campus or at least fixing a problem we see within a system, whether it is in our community at the Island School or the local community throughout Eleuthera.