"The very first F.11 Cacique Update! " by Caciques Madison Philipp and Brian Higgs

Walking along the road looking in the bushes and brush with our flashlights, we hear rustling a ways away. We run and see what we’ve been looking for. Stepping on it’s back and reaching behind its claws to grab it, we have finally caught a crab.

Crabbing was one of the first true Bahamian activities we were able to participate in. We were lead to a remote location by Justin, Joseph and Mooch. We split into groups with our flashlight and headlamps we went off to explore. Following goat trails we made our way through the trees and bushes seeing the environment around us. Walking along we see these massive holes in the ground. They were filled with leaves and water, and went about 10ft. down. Continuing along we duck under branches and avoid spider webs. At one of the holes we see a banana spider wrapping up a cicada to eat later. Looking at the night sky, we see millions of stars twinkling above us. The sky’s so clear and flashes of lightning off in the distance only obstructed the view. Too soon we had to head back to campus. When we arrived at campus we dumped our bucket loads of crabs into a storage box to be cooked for dinner another day.