by Cacique Emily Peters The bright blue waters of the little Island School Marina cove lapped over the wooden beams holding up the dock. My partner and I had our feet dangling over the edge of bright sunlit dock; watching the little fish swim around in large groups. We were waiting- waiting for directions on how to make the next knot we were learning. Today one of the things we learned how to tie various knots, knots for keeping boats to the docks, knots for a strong hold, and knots that could be used for anything. Through the hole, you make a loop; the “bunny” comes out of the hole, around the “tree,” back through the hole, and then pull tight. Our beloved scuba instructors kept saying, “Practice makes Permanent.” They also told us that although the lesson seemed unpractical for some, it was a lesson that would benefit us not only at The Island School, but when we get home as well.  That if we were ever in a situation that required a strong knot, we could be the ones to step up. And that it was a skill that adults appreciated and that even Ron loves to see a student who knows more knots then him. On to the next knot- around the bottom, figure eight make a loop and pull tight. There you have cleat knot. It was so nice to learn something in school that we could use in the real world, and not just something we would spend a few hours memorizing, take a test and then forget. The Island School as taught me so many valuable skills- and it’s only the beginning.