Due to unexpected impacts from Irene the Cape Eleuthera Resort will no longer be open during the Island School Reunion.  In true Island School style, we are trying to still make it work with alternative accommodations and a change in schedule.  We aren't sure what exactly the weekend will look like, but we are thinking up some good ideas like doing some community service in the settlements and helping rebuild homes that were damaged or lost.
If you are still interested in joining us for the weekend please let us know and we'll help you locate a different place to stay and keep you updated on the new schedule as it evolves.  We can also help with car rental logistics because guests will need to be more self-sufficient then originally planned.  We will no longer offer transportation to and from the airport.  Please direct any questions you may have to Cam Powel (cameronpowel@islandschool.org).
If this were any other reunion we'd be worried, but since it's The Island School, you know we can make it work!  Maxey says that no matter what, the Rum Runners will be playing on Saturday night as the old man celebrates 50 years.

—The Island School