by Cacique Tyler Courville A bead of sweat slipped from my nose plopped onto the mat below me. My arms trembled and my breathing was shallow and labored. My ears were filled with the grunts and gasps from those around me and the calm voice of our instructor Brady: "If this isn't enought of a challenge you can also lift your feet above your head." I twisted towards the front of the room and my eyes widened. Brady had somehow manuvered herself into a flawless headstand. Her breathing was measured, her eyes were closed, she seemed almost...comfortable. My eyes narrowed, my arms tensed and I began to lift my feet off the mat. I could feel my body ground and my legs continued to rise. I had them almost completely straightened when all of my balance went out the window. My legs flailed helplessly in the air for a moment before I tumbled down onto my neighbor, Ellen's, mat. "Yeah that's not happening!" I said. She looked over at me and laughed. Our first yoga session was a definite success. Even though only a few in our group were able to finish comfortably, everyone had a good time. I expect our turnout to to get bigger every week, and I feel I can speak for everyone who went, we will be there next week!