by Caciques Lincoln and Zeke Today is a day of remembrance. We look back upon the tragedy that was September 11, 2001. We appreciate all that we have, and feel sorrow for those that have lost. We also look back on what we as a group have left at home, whether it be family, friends, or any other matter that we care about. However, we didn’t just look back today. We also looked forward. On this day full of freedom and exploration we look towards this upcoming semester. We think about what will undoubtedly be a unique semester, and how it will shape all of our future lives. All of us here, most likely miss many of the comforts we left behind at home, but it is important to remember that we were all put here for a reason, and that what awaits us in the next three months, could very well be the most amazing school experiences we will ever have. Stress sources, such as upcoming homework shouldn’t be a problem, just as long as we take things one step at a time.