by Caciques Tori and Eliott Today we woke up early for our 6:30circle and second round of run swims.  By 8:00 am the final half of students and faculty had successfully completed their run swims and headed off to chores and then breakfast. For the second day of official classes we split into our groups and rotated through Literature, Math, and Histories of the Bahamas.  For Literature we broke into our sections and started harkness discussions surrounding the difficult plot of the epic poem Omeros.  Similarly, in History we discussed a background reading on the History of Eleuthera as well as talked about how important it is to reflect on perspective and various points of views while writing history papers.  In math we worked together to solve various group problems.  One problem we had to solve was working together to reshape a long piece of string we were holding from a circle to a perfect square.  The challenging part was that we had to complete the task with our eyes closed.  After lunch we all broke up into our individual research groups for the first time to discuss our exciting plans for the upcoming semester.  The rest of evening was uneventful with regular study hours and lights out at 10:30.  Overall the introduction to all of our unique classes left many students both eager and excited to learn of what the rest of the semester has to behold.