By Cacique Alex Spring Today, September 17, 2011 was our first settlement day! It was an awesome experience, in which we got to only explore more of Eleuthra, but to also get to know the people who live here a little better. Our student body was split into 4 groups, each going to a different settlement. When we arrived at our designated settlements (Rock Sound, Deep Creek, Tarpin Bay, or Wemyssbight) we set off in pairs to explore the settlement and conduct our first interviews. My buddy and I had a wonderful time interviewing four really interesting people. It was a life altering experience for me to be able to simply sit and talk with people who I had never met before and learn their life story. I can’t wait to learn more about Eleuthra, Bahamian culture, and the people who inhabit this fascinating place. The rest of the day inculded querencia (solitary reflective time), a dance party and a movie! Altogether it was an amazing day, jam-packed with what makes the Island School what it is- enriching, non-traditional education and fun.

by Cacique Jack Foote

Tonight was the first Saturday Night, which meant that we were able to decide on an evening activity and have some fun.  After some deliberation we were able to come up with great idea, we would hold a “school dance” themed sustainability/neon rave, hosted by Griffin and Carter, followed by popcorn and a movie of our choice, coordinated by yours truly.  After dinner everyone went to their perspective dorms to put together some costumes.  After the costumes were constructed we met in the Prez. Room go over rules for the dance and then vote on a movie.  It came down to three choices Mean Girls, The Incredibles, or Ratatouille, The Incredibles won in a landslide.  After the voting was all said and done we filled out and into the Dinning Hall.  Inside had almost the exact atmosphere of an actual nightclub, it was dark, the music was loud, and headlamps were set up around the room on the strobe function.  With Griffin as the DJ the dance was on its way.  After an hour and a half of fist-pumping music and energetic dancing, the dance was done so we all got ready for the movie.  I had pinned up a sheet in the Boathouse to act as our movie screen.  Once the projector was up and running and everyone was all nestled in we started the movie… but for some reason The Incredibles wouldn’t play so we settled in for Ratatouille.  Through all the chaos and scrambling to set everything up today was a good day.