by Caciques Benji Beardsley and Anabelle Florio Sunday is the only day of the week that we get to sleep in, relax and have exploration time for the whole day. One thing I immediately noticed was the fact that I wasn’t able to sleep in. I woke up at 8 and tried to sleep more but it was impossible.  Yesterday, however, most of the students did homework. Normally, all of us would have loved to go out and explore, but we were all swamped. There was the occasional study break at the marina store for an energizing snack, but for the most part, we all spent our time glued to our computers either writing our Eleutheros paper or finishing up our math assignment.  Since I wanted to be outside on the only free day I had, I wrote my Eleutheros paper under the gazebo in the poo-poo garden.   As I worked, I would lift my head up in shock of the distinct smell of the poo-poo garden and notice Ginger Snap (a campus kittie) rolling around with the other cat, Stow. I stayed there writing the Eleutheros assignment until three in the afternoon.  Eleutheros is a weekly assignment where we write a reflective paper incorporating what we have learned or experienced in Literature, Human Ecology and History classes. For those who didn’t sleep in, there was an optional free dive at Tunnel Rock. From what we have heard, they swam through the many tunnels and Maxey simulated a free diving rescue.