By Caciques Sam and Tyler "A Little MJ"    Today was the highlight to my week! It all started with a little Michael Jackson-The way you make me feel. It was the perfect way to wake up at6 a.m. The second reason to today’s highlight was THE RAIN!!! This morning we swam with an overcast sky and a light rain falling down our goggles. Every student worked on their stroke technique and then did some sprints. It was such a refreshing way to wake up! During classes, one of the students, Anna, came into my math class to talk about the cisterns. Because we are in the rainy season at theBahamas, our water level should be between 90-100%...however ours is currently at 74%. But no fear! It poured all day today! During research hours, I asked if I could go outside and run in the rain. With approval from my flats teacher, Leanne, Tori and I dashed outside into the rain dancing and doing cart wheels. Students from the other research groups looked at us as if we were crazy, but after a few minutes of watching the joy the rain brought us, they followed along. 8 students joined me in taking the best outdoor shower of the semester! As caciques, Tyler and I wanted to have a unique and fun pass off. We decided to give our pass off in a Doctor Seuss poem and rap/poem. We spent breakfast, lunch, and the 20 minutes before dinner preparing for our epic poem…and man it was epic! Tyler and I wrapped up our duty of caciques by playing more Michael Jackson during dinner. Michael Jackson in the morning, rain dancing, and more Michael Jackson at night-today was awesome. -Sam


Cold by definition is “having or being a temperature that is uncomfortably low for humans” however uncomfortable is not how I would have described myself as I ran through the rain this morning, my flip-flops slapping the ground with each slippery step. I would actually say I felt more comfortable than I had in a long time. I ran up the steps of the dining hall ducking my head under the water dripping off the roof as if I could somehow dodge the stream of water coming off the roof. Simon, Katie and I went back into the kitchen to ask Emery for some GORP when a lightning bolt lit up the sky. It was closely followed by the deep grumble of thunder and a horn that notified a campus lockdown. “Yes!” Katie screamed, shooting her fist triumphantly into the air. “I can’t believe we’re stuck here!”  we said sarcastically, “I guess this means we can’t go back to class!” We raised our cups of GORP into the air. Emery came out from the fridge after he heard the horn. “You guys have to stay here until this passes over. You can sit out there if you want or you could help me make cookies.” We exchanged glances but we all knew what we wanted to do. “I’m making cookies,” I said. Katie and Simon followed closely “me too!” We would spend the next half hour pouring, measuring, cracking, stirring and squeezing, our smiles tugging at the ends of our cheeks. - Tyler