by Caciques Tori Suslovitch and Connor Sullivan Tori:

Today during advisory time, my (Megan’s) advisory traveled to Rock Sound in search of a hidden cave. None of us had ever been there before but Megan had very general directions of where to look: follow the road into Rock Sound, stop at the first white church that you see on the right, and take the path on the other side of the road until you find a ladder. Climb down the ladder. Vines winded in and out of the cave and spiderwebs hung from every corner. While it was dark and a little frightening, we all climbed over the unusually shaped rocks and explored the series of caves. We even found an area that was full of bats. Going on an adventure through this National Heritage Site was incredible and exciting; the entire exploration felt like a scene straight out of an Indiana Jones Movie.



During my (Beth’s) advisory time, we also went to Rock Sound, but we explored the ocean hole. Although it looks like a lake, it is connected underground to the ocean by a deep cave, the bottom of which has never been found. The ocean hole also has a freshwater lens, which forms from rain runoff. When we arrived, we immediately found a ledge that we could jump off of. One by one, each person in our advisory, including a few from our extended advisory, jumped off of the high ledge. After a few more times jumping, and watching a man feed fish right below us, we returned to school. Advisory time gives us the opportunity to not only explore the island off campus, but also to bond with fellow classmates and faculty. Other advisories played water-polo and softball with students at the Deep Creek Middle School, and went out for dinner.