Being Cacique on my Birthday today was awesome, especially because it was a Sunday, and we got to sleep in and have exploration time almost all day. In the morning after everyone woke up around nine, the girls took a trip to High Rock to celebrate. The view was very relaxing and it was a great opportunity to even out farmer’s tans. After we went to brunch that day, my advisor, Peter, brought 6 pints of ice cream for girl’s dorm to share. I think everyone almost forgot what cold food tasted like, the girls were very happy, and the boys were a little jealous. For the rest of the day, people spent their time working on their Eleutheros, and Marine Ecology papers, and by dinner people were hungry for birthday cake, and since it was a Sunday and most of the faculty was off campus, students got as much as they wanted. My sweet sixteen was a lot more than I had expected it to be, and every one here took part to make it a great day.