by Caciques Charlie and Devin Hey friends and family here’s a little part of our Monday! After a quick lunch the group gathered together for circle before we hopped into vans to go to Deep Creek Middle School. Once we got there the Island School students all went to their respective classrooms to meet up with their buddies to work on our community service projects. Although this is our third Community Outreach class I had never met my buddy, so as I walked into the ninth grade classroom I scanned the room for any new faces. Sitting across the room I saw a vibrant smiling face, and her eyes lit up when she saw me. I knew this was my buddy, and I couldn’t wait to meet her! Once we went through ice breakers the entire class came together to discuss our project of helping to reconstruct a local library. We decided to help Wemyss Bight Public Library, who is currently active in trying to improve and expand their library. We again got into vans and went to the library to learn more about what they need our help with. Graciously waiting was the friendly librarian, who was more than excited to see us! We asked her questions about what needed to be done and discovered that there was some maintenance work and organization to accomplish. Seeing the librarian’s eyes fill up with tears and the smile she had on her face showed the true passion she had for the library, and made us all ecstatic to begin our project. Community Outreach is one of the most rewarding things we do at The Island School, not only for the Island School students but for the local community too!