by Caciques Tyler and Anika I caressed the slip of paper in my hand as I walked up to Cam. My eyes were covered by a pair of Aviators that were bigger than my face. I walked up to her and slipped the piece of paper into her hand. She looked up at me, her eyes curious. I nodded curtly and saw her eyes widen before she nodded in response. On the slip was a name; Teschna and it was circled in red. She looked up at me before turning towards the door and running out of the dining hall to catch Teschna. I took off my glasses and smiled smugly, my next slip of paper already in my hand. Today, Anika and I organized a game where students compete in a clandestine game where at the end of the day, only one individual wins. It started with just students but by lunch had moved among the teachers. Tensions were high among the students and the teachers and the campus was filled with paranoid glances. I was happy with the turn-out of the game and I am sure that a more organized version would be definitely be an option for the oncoming weeks.