by Cacique Elliot Today was a very long and exciting day! We started off the day with PSAT’s in the morning from 8-12. Then we went to a beach right outside of Rock Sound that was a little off the beaten path. We spent the rest of the afternoon tanning, body surfing, snorkeling and having a blast. After the beach we went home and prepared for our first Homecoming. Each settlement on Eleuthera has a Homecoming each year, and that is when everyone who has moved away comes back and celebrates with a big street party. When we arrived to the Homecoming at 8:00pmit was an amazing site. There were vendors lined up on the streets with all sorts of local specialties.  I right away hoped in line at one of the stands and got a basket of conch fritters and an ice cold mango smoothie. There was also a basketball court that turned into a big dance floor. Towards the end of the night there were many Island School students out dancing with some of the locals to local rake and scrape music played by The Rum Runners. The whole Homecoming was just an amazing experience to end on before our community splits up for three weeks and has 8 day kayak rotations that start Monday.