by Cacique Anabelle Florio Today was the most lazy Sunday yet! I automatically woke up in order to finish my Eleutheros and then had a movie marathon. Since it was raining all day, the girls in the dorm re-constructed the common room and moved the couches around to make one big “fort.” We all watched movies in the fort and made friendship bracelets when we finished our work due. We paused  all movies when Ally came in and informed us that there was popcorn in the fishbowl. Naturally, we all ran! After an about an hour more of this leisure day, K1 kayak group went to go set up their equipment for tomorrows 8 day adventure. K2 is meeting tonight to discuss the three day trip down island. It was a great day to have girls bonding time in the dorm before everyone parted. K3 and K4 is going to miss K1 and K2 while they are out on their adventures!