by Caciques Hallie and John Today started out like so many before, gusting wind and a drizzle of rain. Not the kind of whether you’d expect from The Bahamas, but then again this whole experience has been a rollercoaster, fun but a little strange at points.  We had our run/swim tracks, with the runners sprinting around the Marina, and the swimmers swimming sprints through triangle cut. We then went to breakfast and prepared for the art field trip planned for the morning. We met at the vans at9:15for the drive to a beach in Rock Sound where we started off our time there with a 20-minute individual sketch session on the beach. The ocean was filled with white caps and the wind was whipping as we drew in our sketchbooks. We then gathered back in a circle and were assigned to 3-person groups in which we were to roam the beach collecting materials to build a still life, and also extra plastic for a project back on campus.  After we constructed our still life structures in the location of our choice, we gathered back to walk to the vans.  From there, we drove to the ocean hole in Rock Sound, and ate the classic lunch out: peanut butter and jelly (and the super crumbly bread that NEVER holds together).  After we finished lunch, we drove back to campus and arrived only a few minutes late for research. We sat for five hours in our research groups, working on our results section of our research projects until dinner circle at 6:00. After dinner, the day concluded with study hours until 9:30.