by Caciques Tori O and Erik Due to the crazy schedule of kayak rotations, this Sunday was not our day off but rather a regular day filled with academic classes.  After sleep in till 8:00and breakfast, the morning began with Literature Class in which we discussed the importance of a hero’s journey both within the text of Omeros, as well as in our own lives.  We talked about famous heros we have read about and watched in movies and compared those to the personal heroes that play important roles in shaping who we are as individuals.  After Literature we had a long block of art which focused on the special objects we collected during our beach sweep the previous day.  We explored why these objects became personal as well as began water colors which displayed our objects in a unique way.

Following lunch we split into our Human Ecology classes and continued working on our projectitos.  The four groups, Mangroves, Osprays, Bees, and Agriculture continued to work in the field as well as on their presentations for the following day.  Our hard work went up till dinner which was then followed by regular study hours.