by Caciques Tori Suslovitch and Brendan McDonnell Today was the first full day that all of us were split up into two groups; half of us are out on 8-day kayak trips and trips “DownIsland.” In the next few days, kayakers will be camping out and the students going down island will get the chance to see the North side of Eleuthera. The other half of us are staying on campus for an academic week: classes today included a Research Statistics class, Marine Ecology, and Math.

During exploration time today, we rode our bikes to theMarina, enjoyed candy bars and cold sodas at the Marina Store, and floated down the current cut - a place where the tidal currents create a “lazy river” through the narrow channel. Swimming in the current cut is a little bit like life at The Island School: similar to the variety of marine life that coexists in the cut - butterflyfish, angelfish, grouper, stingrays, and countless others -  the Island Schools brings students from a variety of different places and backgrounds together. As I (Tori) can see a different world underwater through my goggles, I’ve gained a new perspective on culture and the world around me. Like a swim against the current, I’ve been faced with both physical and academic challenges that have made me stronger and smarter. And most importantly, The Island School has given me close friends to, literally, float with.

“Only dead fish swim with the current.” - Chris Maxey during morning workout.