For the next few days the campus will be quiet. No screams and giggles from dorms. No thudding and scurrying of feet along the conch lined walk ways. No classes. No morning exercise. All students are off on expedition! K1 and K4 are both on Down Island Trips, an educational road-trip across the island run by the Histories department. K2 and K3 are on opposite ends of their 8-Day Kayak trips. What that means for you, our readership, is that there are no Caciques on campus, and thus: no Cacique Updates. Luckily, this last week student Caciques have been busy busy busy and reluctant to get their updates turned in on time. So, I have a bit of a back-log of Updates to offer you in the next few days. Standby for Cacique thoughts on Island School  life from October 22nd, 24th, and 25th. But for now... enjoy these short hellos and goodbyes from K1, K3, and K4 and expect to hear more from K2 very soon.