by Cacique Tessa Tracy Today was a busy day of Island School life! On Sunday we had a routine school day, so today was our free day for the week, but with more Kayak andDownIslandgroups leaving tomorrow, the day was packed. Last night, when I was on my night dive, the first kayak group to finish their 8-day came home. I was excited to hear that they all had an amazing time, and a bunch felt it was the best part ofIslandSchoolthus far. But still, they were reluctant to tell us too much, especially in terms of our 48-hour solo. After a long day of packing and logistics I am at the edge of my seat in anticipation. Part of me is nervous, because I know it will be long and hard, but most of me is excited for bonfires and beautiful sights. My group, K3, is changing it up by having some students hiking along shore while other students are kayaking. Between kayaking through the windy weather we have been getting, and snorkeling stunning reefs, this will be an action packed trip. Every challenge I have faced here so far has proven to be for the best, so I have no doubt that I will gain something from this adventure. I can already tell these will be eight days that I will remember forever.