by Spooky Caciques Tyler and Forrest Slivers of light beamed through the trees, pillars in the dark night. Feet shuffled and nervous giggles escaped passed the lips of the DCMS students as they filed in and out of multiple haunted areas around campus. The night fell silent, eyes darted around the trees attempting to distinguish some of the monsters that surrounded them. Suddenly a dark figure rose out of a hole in the ground, “EEEEEEEEEE!!!! HEEEEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEE!!!!” It was echoed by the terrified screams of students and pound of running feet. The group scattered in all directions, and was met by the roar of a chainsaw, the whisper of a “motherless” Teschna, the melancholy songs of Anika and above all more terrified screams. The DCMS students, in their bright costumes, arrived with high expectations for the haunted campus and they left with pounding hearts and wide smiles.