by Cacique Zeke Today, the Island School students remaining on campus, those done braving Eleuthera’s treacherous waters with kayaks made a trip to Princess Cays, a popular resort destination for passengers traveling on the Princess cruise ships. The resort was jam-packed full of swimsuit-wearing tourists, enjoying its beaches, waters, and refreshments under the warm Bahamian sun. First, we received a tour of the resort, which ended at the buffet. Everyone’s eyes widened when we gazed upon all that good-looking food: as much as we wanted provided graciously by Princess Cruise lines! We then proceeded to pile our plates with hamburgers, hotdogs, fruits, and desserts, and then ate ourselves into oblivion! The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around Princess Cays, collecting interviews for our history projects where we asked about different perspectives on tourism.  We also checked out the specialties of local vendors stationed in the resort. We all had fun a fun and interesting time at Princess Cays. We left the resort at 2:15 and got back to The Island School in time for exploration time.