by Caciques Jack and Kate We started the day with a long morning exercise (all the guys were late because no one set an alarm in boys dorm). After morning circle we separated into our tracks. I (Jack) did swim track and we swam from the boathouse, up to the current cut, through the current cut to the second bridge and back about a total of two miles, during the swim. I (Kate) did run track and we did an out and back to Deep Creek. We ran as far as we could for 36 minutes and then turned around. I ran with Jane, and we ran as fast as we could on the way there and then planned to slow down on the way back. Within the last minute, we came around the corner and saw the old Deep Creek airport, which is the 4 mile mark. We were both so excited to reach the old airport because neither of us had made it that far yet. We were also able to reach the flagpole (where we end each run) at around 1 hour and 12 minutes, which meant that we basically kept the same pace on the way back. Although we both felt good about that run, the upcoming half marathon still seems very ambitious. After long morning exercise, we had Literature, Math and Marine Ecology class. In Literature we discussed the style of poetry used in Omeros by reading a passage and identifying the various poetic devices. A fun exercise we did was we each wrote down a quote from Omeros that we felt portrayed a strong image and then we began to draw what we thought that quote would look like, then we would pass the papers around the room for 1 minute and eventually you ended up with your sheet of paper with a drawing that everyone in the class contributed to. In Math, we learned about Fibbancis’ Sequence and the Golden Ratio. We looked at a PowerPoint at how the Golden Ratio is used in nature, and our homework assignment is to observe where the golden ratio is used here at Island School. Finally in Marine Ecology, we watched a movie called End of the Line, which was about human’s effect on species removal and the extinction of marine life around the world. After that we had lunch, and then we had research until dinner. We all worked on the results section of our scientific posters. In Aquaculture (Jack’s research group) they went over stats, tested the mangroves outside ofCEI, and then they worked on their results section feasting on Doritos and peanut m&ms. In Flats (Kate’s research project), Annie, Sam and I finished the results section of our poster while making cookies in Ali (one of our research advisor’s) apartment. After that we had dinner circle, and then following that there was either a night dive or study hours depending on which group you were in. Jack and I both had study hours, but we’re looking forward to our night dive tonight!