by Caciques Sam Saccomanno and Alex Spring

More Reflections on Kayak:

It was a beautiful day, one we hadn’t had in the past 3 days. It was our day to kayak all the way to Light House beach-one of the top ten prettiest beaches in the world. It was the ideal location for our 48 hour solo. None of the kids expected such a long day of kayaking. No one knew that we would be kayaking 15 miles from the morning to6 P.M.with a short 30 minute lunch break. It was definitely the most challenging day of my 8 day kayak trip, and probably one the most challenging days at The Island School in general. It was physically and mentally demanding, but turning the corner to see the stunning Light House beach was so rewarding. We all jumped out of our kayaks, enthusiastic to be on ground and out of the kayaks. Kids ran around screaming and dancing-happy to have made it. Because we arrived so late, we had to quickly move kayaks and set up camp and dinner. Later that night, we all ate a delicious pasta meal around the warm fire. We were all excited for the following solo days, happy to be on ground, and proud of our accomplishment. It is the challenges such as these that make the Island School experience so unique and life-changing.