by Cacique (...and NEW blog chore editor!) Annie Bryan I was recently chosen to be on what we call “blog chores” here at school. I was so excited when I discovered I was the one who would be able to read other kids’ blogs, and share my ideas with them. I have always loved writing, so this opportunity was really exciting to me. Despite having to nag people to please turn their blogs in every day, the “chore” is a lot of fun and has helped me grow as a writer.

In our literature class this week, we have been assigned a speech. It only has to be one minute in length, but it must be memorized, and it is a speech about a place of importance here at The Island School. We were brainstorming in class, and were prompted to think about a specific place on campus where we had a significant memory. Once we thought of our special spots, we were to write a speech about them, and present the speech in that place on campus.

Personally, I chose the roof of the dining hall for my location. Though I don’t have a specific significant event that happened up there, I chose it because of all of the little memories I hold there. I have spend numerous meals, exploration times, and lazy Sunday afternoons relaxing up there with my friends- talking, laughing and enjoying the gorgeous view. I decided to write about this special campus location for both my speech and for my cacique blog because of the amazing memories I have made there. I’ve become so close with so many different people here and being up there just hanging out has proven to be one of my favorite Island School activities thus far.

It is one of the most beautiful places on campus with such an incredible view of our campus and the Caribbean sea, and it is a place where you can just relax and have fun. As I said before, some of my most precious memories have been made up there, and for that reason, I will forever love the dining hall roof.