by Caciques Emily and Charlie Last night was our Saturday night. We all met at the circle with swim gear under warm clothes, all anticipating a moonlit snorkel and a blazing fire. As we hopped on our beach cruisers without light from our headlamps, we took the bumpy loop road to High Rock.  There was a lot of swerving along the way, with a few songs about falling into potholes and a couple of “Watch out!” exclamations. As all pulled up we started searching for firewood, so we could make a warm bonfire for after our chilly swim. We started up two bonfires- one out on the island rock, and another along the dead rock shore. Once the fires started to crackle one by one we all jumped off high rock, some of us with snorkels and some for fun. Others cozied up in warm clothes like fleeces and fuzzy hats and kept the fires going strong. With the light of a near full moon, we were able to snorkel without flashlights and free dive along the moons reflections on the ocean floor. Upon rubbing on the coral limestone rock, little bioluminuses would come out of hiding at glow bright. It was an adventurous Saturday night, one we will all remember with appreciation.

On the following morning, we had a relaxing Sunday sleep-in  filled with anticipation for parents weekend. With never before seen coffee machines looming (taken out for the special occasion of Parent’s Weekend) it is hard for us to keep focused on the days separating us from seeing our distanced parents. Preparations for the art show and research presentations have kept everyone busy though, with all research groups frantically meeting and pulling together last presentation details. It was an “okie-dokie” weekend (a wonderful comment by Charlie) and we all can’t wait to reunite with our parents on the busy week ahead.