by Caciques Ellen and Tyler After a day full of belly butterflies and cleaning, forty-seven students carefully watched their watches, counting down the seconds to the arrival of their families. When the clock struck 4:45, the first screams erupted from girl's dorm. The line of cars waiting to come in was surrounded by hopeful students and teary mother's. Families were bombarded by the faculty paparazzi as more and more students sprinted out of their dorms to intercept their families after 2 long months. For the next few hours the campus was filled with bustling families, touring the campus and mingling around the art show, which was said to have been the best one ever. Before dinner we used every inch of the circle we could in an attempt to fit all the families. The night was dark except the two headlamps of the caciques; Ellen and Tyler. The night ended with an advisory dinner, which allowed us to mingle with our parents and attempt to catch up.