by Caciques Griffin and Elliot

After eight weeks of Community Outreach, we’ve already found ourselves at the end of our experience with the Deep Creek Middle Schoolers. The 7th  Grade had prepared presentations for the community on mangroves. We gathered at “Seaside”–the Deep Creek faculty apartments– and had a wonderful time with our buddies. We had cookies and milk boxes, so everybody was happy.

We all piled back into the vans to head back to the DCMS campus for a basketball jamboree. Arriving at campus, we heard the groovy beats of the local Bahamian DJ. We walked around to the back of the library, to the basketball courts, and saw tables and tables of incredible food:  pizza, conch fritters, brownies, cakes, mac ‘n’ cheese. With full bellies, we made our ways to the court to find our teams for the basketball tournament. Teams were separated by gender and comprised of Island School students, DCMS buddies, and faculty.


Boys played full court 5 on 5 and girls played half court 3 on 3. Everyone  played fabulous basketball, there was a lot of fun and enthusiasm the entire time! We played all afternoon until the sun was setting. It was a great last day with our buddies and we will all miss them so much after bonding and making new friendships over the course of 8 weeks. It was hard to say goodbye to them and it made all of us realize how our time is winding down with each other and that it is going to be so hard to say goodbye in two and a half weeks from now.