by Caciques Jack and Lincoln Today was the last for a lot of things; it was the last exercise before our half-marathon or super swim, the last field day for research and the last day before the half-marathon.  In Aquaculture, we decided that our last field day would be best spent diving–a rare thing because, in ACULT, we never go diving.  For our dive, we went to the Aquaculture cage and the buddy pairs were Emily and Jamie, William and Elliot, and Brian and I (Jack).  As we got into the water we heard Marie shout, “HOLY FISH!”

Confused we looked under the waves to see what deserved this exclamation, what Marie had seen was a school of about 200 yellow tail snappers. The dive itself was uneventful except for two sightings of different grouper that were easily over 300 pounds. On the way back to campus, the weather turned on us and we rode back on eight-foot waves.  All in all it was a great day.