Yesterday evening, just before dorm check-in, one of my good friends had the misfortune of knocking a pipe out of place.  At once, the water started to erupt, so he ran to the dorm for help.  At the dorm we heard yells of “FELIX, FELIX, HELP! HELP! There’s water everywhere!”  So Felix, our literature teacher, leapt up and ran to where my friend guided him.  When it became clear that Felix needed more help, the rest of the boys’ dorm came flooding out and following my friend to the pipe.  At first, we caught the water with buckets and quickly formed a chain to pass the buckets and dump them back into the cistern.  This was not as effective as it needed to be though, so Brandon stuffed his hand down the pipe to stop its flow.  At that moment, Felix shouted that we needed to shut off the water pump.  We shut off the pump, and our problem was solved, but what I was fascinated by how quickly we assessed the situation and began to work together in a productive manner.  It already is showing me how much closer we all have become in our first couple weeks at The Island School.  Even more impressive still is that when we came back to the dorm I heard shouts of “it could’ve happened to any of us,” and “haha, we thought that you had started a fire the way that you came running.”  I am really happy to say that I was part of this situation and got to be part of such a positive community.  Do not worry, our water is being fixed today, and it was not a significant flood, just some of our water from one of the cisterns. Today is my last day writing for the Island School Blog, I hope that you have enjoyed reading my posts.  - Eric Witte

Look for updates from a new student blogger this upcoming Monday!