Yesterday afternoon, students received their midterm grades and had 10min meetings with each of their teachers to talk about their individual strengths and weaknesses. The grades were a progress report, and a good way to find out where you stood. Last night, students started to write their letters home. This uncomfortable process involved most people saying, “Why can’t I just call them?” Our advisors just shook their head and said to keep writing. By the end of our draft we all realized the real purpose of the letter was not only show our parents how we had been doing and our goals for the end of the semester, but to reflect and take ownership of the work we have been doing. Olympic music filled the air as the sun rose over campus. This morning at 6:30, north side students came out in their sweats and flip-flops and south side students came to circle with their run-swim shoes and bathing suits. South side was eager to do just as well as north did yesterday. Circle ended and the run-swimmers began their warm up jog, while north side students got into place along the track for safety watch. The horn rang out and they were unleashed. Some faculty, Chris Maxey, Lucky (Justin’s dog), CEI interns, and the south side students dove into Girls’ Dorm Cut and were quickly out and running towards Water Polo Cut. Slowly, students were starting to spread out. Out in front were Felipe Gomez, Peter (Faculty Member), Natalie Grune, and Shelbi Ambargis. Soon they were into Triangle Cut digging through the water. Out of the water, they tore up the rocks and started running towards Wall Cut. At the end of the Wall Cut swim lies a 7ft wall where boosters are ready to help the run-swimmers over the wall. After the wall lies the home stretch: a long run to the cliff jump, long swim, back through Triangle Cut, back through Water Polo Cut, back through Girls’ Dorm Cut, and finally finshing at the Flagpole. In first place was Felipe Gomez (14:25), Peter (16:00), and Natalie Grune (16:07). Everyone is already getting pumped up and ready for their final run-swim in June.