Starting with his Run-Swim run down Monday, for the last week, Mac McDonald has been our new blogger. Enjoy his insights into a new weekly ritual: Water Polo Wednesday. Also, Friday was an extra long morning exercise so our apologies for only three updates this week. Look for more Monday as we mark the transition into the Kayak Rotations period of the semester journey. Mac: The past few days have been busy on campus. Last night our Eleutheros was due. This week's Eleutheros included the challenging combination of Literature and Human Ecology classes. The prompts, crafted by each individual classes, included asking about what it meant to be married to one’s hart, a question of awareness, and to talk about the affect of undustry vs. nature. Due on Friday, is our Oral Video Project for Histories, which is the videos we took from our Settlement Days. Included in this Histories project is a reflective essay. In this essay, we are to talk about our own bias, perspectives, and positionality while interviewing our own settlement day families. This will be a challenging and reflective piece to write considering the many varying experiences each settlement group had.


Yesterday was weekly Water Polo Wednesday. Every Wednesday during Exploration time, we have a water polo game. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come play. I, along with two CEI faculty who also played water polo in highschool, thought that Island School needed a little ‘wopo.’ The game is always a lot fun, and usually includes a competitive spirit and dunking people underwater. Last week just about every girl showed up. Yesterday, we continued to have a good showing. Our regulars are Natalie Grune, Max Spencer, Paul Henderson, Conor Smith, Sterling Wright, Eric Witte, Chris Maxey, and a bunch of CEI faculty and Island School Faculty.