After only one week of posts from Mac (who is now out on Kayak expedition!) we will be hearing from a new blogger for the next ten day cycle. Welcome Dana Colihan as she voices the Island School student experience to you, until Mac returns for another round. Dana: After the Ride for Hope on Saturday, we got back to campus and for a night activity went to the inner loop for a game of capture-the-flag. It was pretty intense. Odd numbers in the circle were black, even numbers white. (The black team is better). I spent most of the time in the woods. I had some good bonding time with nature and the dirt. Everyone had a really fun time, but was pretty tired by the end of the day.


This weekend we also found out what our kayak rotation lists were. Everyone had been pestering the faculty for the past week, but they hadn’t let anything slip. I found out that I am on K4, meaning I have academics first, Down-Island Trip second, and Kayak last. Some people were really excited after seeing the lists, others were getting nervous for solo, but there was also a twinge of sadness throughout campus. Kayak rotations are a great time to reflect on the semester so far and become closer to people you haven’t really gotten to know that well yet. However, it also means not seeing everyone for almost two weeks.

The Cacique Council had planned that after the game of capture the flag to have a bonfire on the beach. However, due to the windy weather conditions it was canceled. Even though people had given up some of their exploration time to collect fire wood, everyone was really flexible to what we would do with the rest of our Saturday night. The general feeling was that everyone just wanted to hang out together and bond. So every went up to the deck of the dining hall, listened to music, and gazed at the stars. It was a really nice way for everyone to spend time together before people left. K1 andK2leave after breakfast this morning, there might be some tears, but I think it also speaks to how close our semester has already become.