Yesterday was the first day back into the swing of regular classes. We had a community meeting in which the new Cacique Council was named – Annie Obrecht, Ann-Marie, Rachel, Kyle Titsworth, and Brendan. The activity of the meeting was a kayak rotations themed relay race. Everyone was split into their kayak groups and had to run to stations which included putting on their spray skirt, life jacket, and singing “Row Row your Boat;” digging a Dead Man; and running to a van, getting in, and singing a Hannah Montana song (experienced during Down Island Trip). After the relay race, we split into random groups and talked about our individual goals for the rest of the semester. Some of the goals included: to finish the Super Swim or Half Marathon, to do better in class, or to beat their old Run-Swim time. It was a good time in which we officially ended our kayak groups and then came together as a community. Yesterday was also our first advisory time in a while. My advisory boasts that we had the best time since we made banana chocolate pancakes. Some of the other advisory groups make cookies, went spear fishing, or drove to the ocean hole. Overall it was a lot of fun to split into our small groups and nice to have the treat.

Today we have Human Ecology and Research. In Human Ecology we are going to pick our projects for the rest of the semester. Different people fromCEIand Island School are going to come to class to help us pick our project that has to be based on conservation or improving the school in some way.