Yesterday ended up being a great day. In the morning Felipe and I, for our Human Ecology project, speared 30 lionfish. To put that in perspective – on Friday we caught 3, and were very excited about that. In the afternoon, students had Community Outreach at DCMS. The group I’m in, Domestic Violence, worked on what they were going to say during their informational meeting that night. It was neat to see all the work we put in over the semester be put into action. Last night, Island School and CEI had two guest speakers give separate presentations. One talked about climate change’s effect on tropical lizards and the other speaker talked about bonefish in the neighboring creeks. Both speakers were Ph.D students and were extremely informative when talking about their individual subjects. Today we have Art class in the morning and Marine Ecology in the afternoon. In Art, we are continuing to prep for the Art Gallery in the Octagon. All the artwork, as of now, is in the Octagon, but it still needs to be set up. In Marine Ecology, we are discussing MPAs (Marine Protected Areas). We just read an article about an MPA in Madagascar, and now, are relating its similarities to South Eleuthera.

One day till Parents Weekend!