Monday afternoon was our final Community outreach with our Deep Creak Middle School buddies. A day filled with both friendly competition among students and staff and a sad departure from a fulfilling and memorable semester with our bright buddies.  We started the afternoon with our final CO class, having little on the agenda we were given the block to exchange giggles and I choose to capture as many beaming faces on camera as it would take. After the students finished homeroom it was time for the basketball jamboree! The teams were jumbled with Island School students, DCMS students, and staff, with games lasting only 10 minutes. I was put in the first round of fierce competition and quite honestly feeling nervous that I would end up using my feet accidentally. But the moment the whistle blew I was in the zone and having a blast. I forgot how silly I must have looked out on court and just shared smirks and sweaty high fives with my teammates. When my game came to an end I was exhausted and dripping in sweat but still grinning from ear to ear as I watched my faithful teammates shuffle off the court in similar states. There was hot macaroni, conch fritters, bake goods, and frozen drinks welcoming us as we search for our water bottles. In my time at DCMS it has been a pleasure to see such a bright group of determined and thoughtful young students excel and grow before my eyes. I hope to keep in touch with my buddy Zach as I am confident that he will do great things in the years to come.