Women Working for Oceans (W2O) is an organization started by a group of women near the Boston area, including Island School alumni parents Linda Cabot (parent of SP'11) and Kirsten Dawson (parent of F'04, F'06, and F'08), who are concerned about the health of the planet’s oceans and want to do something about it. The mission of W2O is to inform individuals about the challenges facing oceans and inspire action to ensure a healthy, sustainable blue planet for tomorrow. W20 works in partnership with the New England Aquarium, a global leader in marine education and conservation. Join them for their upcoming event at the New England Aquarium on October 23!

For more information about W20, please visit their website: www.womenworkingforoceans.org, or visit them on Facebook. Please come join them, get involved, and help build a wave of action for change to help protect our oceans!