Yesterday was not a typical Monday. After a morning of Literature and Histories class we headed to Deep Creek Middle School for our community outreach. Like always, it was great to work with our DCMS buddies on achieving something that will actually make a difference in South Eleuthera. Unfortunately, it was the last time we would see them for three whole weeks due to kayak and down island trips. Because we’ve only had community outreach four or five times one might think that saying goodbye to each other for three weeks wouldn’t be hard; it was. Another memory I have from yesterday that really showed me how much of a bond we have built with our buddies is when Emily and I gave our buddy Demetria cake and cards for her birthday. Her face lit up and I’ve never seen a smile that wide and bright in my life. She threw her arms around us and thanked us, we hugged her back and thanked her for being such a great and positive buddy. After community outreach and dinner, the majority of students entered what would be the most hectic study hours to date. Because today’s study hours and exploration time are compromised due to kayak trip preparation, a lot had to be done last night. Our big Oral Histories project on a local South Eleutheran family is due today, so the majority of last night was spent on one “iMovie” or another creating 15 minute long films, full of pictures, recordings, music, and videos. Along with quite a few other assignments most students were working up until 10 or in most cases in the girl’s dorm, 10:30.

As hectic as last night was, it did mark something very exciting. The beginning of a life changing adventure; 8 day kayak! (Yes this deserves an exclamation point). Today, the first kayak trip will be spending their exploration time and study hours preparing food and supplies that will last them 8 days, they will be considering what the one personal item they will use on their two day solo, and they will be mentally preparing themselves for what could very well be most challenging yet rewarding experience of their life. After a month and a half of anticipation, we find ourselves ready to embark on the adventure we all felt would never come.

To my great sadness, this is the last time I will be writing to you all on the blog. I have loved having the chance to do so every morning after morning exercise, and I have loved not only getting a chance to inform you all of the happenings here, but getting a chance to personally reflect on the memories created. Thank you all for reading, and I’m excited for my good friend Phoebe to get this chance as well!