This morning marks about a week since we have begun doing chores before exercise, given the fact that it is still almost pitch-black dark at 6:30am when we all sleepily shuffle down to morning circle. It seems that this change in daylight is the only indicator of a changing season and the nearing of what would be winter months at home in Massachusetts. Here on Eleuthera, though it does remain darker in the morning, the days still seem to be summer and we continue to sport shorts, t shirts, and bathing the middle of October! Anyway, yesterday was a long and very full day, which is to be expected of every day on The Island School campus. A constant stream of activity, human ecology, history, math, Wemyss Bight Walkathon etc. made for a happy group of students who all flopped on their bed at check-in with that always welcome “tired in a good way” feeling. The first down island trip group also returned for a brief visit at lunchtime and is promptly heading off on their 8-day adventure in a matter of hours, some the rest of us remaining on campus will be doing in just two weeks time. Though are excitement to see the down island group can only last for a short period of time given that they are soon leaving, we did get the chance to all pile back into the vans together and attend the Chris Fire Engine Brown Road Race in Wemyss Bight. Despite the fact that we were all a bit disappointed by the absence of the famed Olympian and his medal, the walk/run was an absolute blast for all of us that participated. I think everyone was unprepared to find out that this event was a race, but the atmosphere could not have been more relaxed and friendly. In the midst of an alternation between running and walking, we were all constantly laughing. I ran with Korinna, Chapin and Caroline, and within our 5 miles I laughed so hard I completely forgot about the heat, which is something I can say most people also experienced. There was something about the road race and the atmosphere that rubbed off on us all and made it, to say the least, and incredibly good time. Our fantastic leapfrog over the finish line was the icing on top of the cake! With tropical storm Paddy just over our heads, one might think that a normal day’s activities would come to a halt due to the rain and wind, but not at IslandSchool. Rain or shine we are always out and about, learning, laughing and doing lots of running just as we would be on a perfectly sunny day.