For our final day on the road, we visited North Yarmouth Academy. Of course, right when we walked into the lobby, we run into Aldis Gamble (SP'11) who was on his way to work on his independent study project of sorting the school's recycling! Everyone at NYA was so friendly and were excited not only about our semester program, but also our Teacher Conference that we hold every August. After our visit, we headed north to Waterville, ME to visit with our alumni at Colby. It was great to catch up with Molly Nash (F'09), Tyler Lewtan (SP'10) and Peter Quayle (SP'10). Our final stop of the trip was Bates College in Lewiston where we had our biggest alumni turn-out for a late afternoon snack. We had a great time with Will Strathmann (F'07), Julie Thomsen (F'07), Lucy Triedman (SP'10), Charlie Carey (F'06), Bo Cramer (SP'08), and  Emilie Geissinger (SP'08)! [slideshow]

Thanks to all of you who followed us on the blog and Twitter as we made our way through New England visiting sending schools and colleges last week. It was a successful week and something we are thinking about doing every year! If we missed you along the way, please email and update your contact information so we can make sure we don't miss you next time!