The past two days on campus have been eventful to say the least. Hurricane Sandy decided to make a visit to our campus this past Wednesday and Thursday. The kayak trips were brought in due to the weather and are now going to be going out in a few days once the storm has passed. Many of us watched the weather radar as the big globs of red and yellow slowly inched closer to us, unsure of what would really happen when the storm finally reached us. The days leading up to the storm were spent preparing campus. I spent the day helping to board up the windows of Boys dorm, as well as clearing the porches so that none of our clothing would turn into flying debris. Once the storm was upon us, we spent the majority of the day in boys dorm, watching as much TV and movies as we could before having to return back to school, whenever that would be. It was almost and eerie night, the windows blacked our because of the boards and the only sound being the wind pounding against the roof, windows, and doors of the dorm. Nonetheless, it seemed not to phase our afternoon. We all were enjoying so much needed downtime and had no complaints about being told that the remainder of the day would be spent in our beds.

The following morning and even now, the winds were still strong. In the morning I, along with some friends, went out to survey the damage that had been done. Several almond tree had uprooted themselves, the flagpole had been knocked over sometime in the night, and most of the plant beds seemed devoid of life. Yet, that morning and day was spent cleaning up campus. It was an incredible transformation to watch happen, with everybody pitching in to get campus back into working order.

Even now, as the winds from the storm still linger in campus, things are back to normal. Morning circle did occur indoors, as well as morning exercise this morning will be yoga, something that many of us here tend to be “developing skills” in. We are all happy that we made it through Sandy O.K., and now get to get on with our wilderness trips an academic rotations, counting down the days till the fast approaching Parents Weekend.